Complete Eye Care of Medina

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Medina, MN 55340
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Our goal at Complete Eye Care of Medina is to provide comprehensive eye care to patients of all ages with a level of unparalleled customer service.
Whether you are seeking comprehensive vision care for the entire family or specialized treatment of an eye disease, our clinic is skilled and experienced in a full range of eye care services.

State of the art technology allows us to provide you with unsurpassed quality of care right here in the office.

We at Complete Eye Care of Medina welcome you to our kind of eye care.



Monthly Awareness

August is Cataract Awareness Month

Did you know that over 20 million Americans age 40 and over have cataracts?  A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens in the eye.  They are the leading cause of blindness worldwide; however, in most cases, vision loss from cataracts is reversible.  Scheduling regular eye examinations is the key to early detection and treatment.  The American Academy of Optometry also states that eating a diet rich in antioxidants like spinich, broccoli, and eggs may decrease your risk of developing cataracts.  



Eye Safety Sports
with Dr. Gina Wesley

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