• Lori
    Patient Administration

    Lori is in Patient Administration and has been in the Optical industry here at CEC of Medina for 4+ years. She's been married to Tony for 20+ years and has 3 kids. Her family keeps her busy - having 2 teenagers and a 8 year old makes for never a dull moment. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and attending her kids sporting events. What does Lori like about CEC of Medina? 'I love the flexibility, patients and my coworkers.'

  • Patty
    Clinic Manager

    Patty is our Clinic Manager. She has been in the Optical industry 8+ years, all of which here at CEC of Medina. She is married to Tom and has 5 children. She loves cruising Lake Sarah on the pontoon or jet ski with her family and watching her kid's sporting events. What she likes about CEC of Medina? 'I love the location, my coworkers and our fabulous patients. I also love working for a doctor who is so innovative, influential and who truly cares about the lifelong ocular health of her patients.'

  • Jennifer
    Optician/Frame Stylist

    Jennifer is an Optician/Frame Stylist and has been in the Optical industry for 20+ years! She lives in Plymouth with her significant other Kurt and her two cats. Jennifer loves fishing, camping, gardening and watching football. What does Jennifer like about CEC of Mediina? 'I appreciate the teamwork and the friendships with my coworkers. It's a joy coming into work knowing that I'm helping the patients that live in my community.'

  • Meaghan

    Meaghan is a certified optician at Complete Eye Care of Medina with 15+ years of optical experience. She started in optics working for her dad who worked as an optometrist, before retiring. Meaghan enjoys being active, spending quality time with her husband and daughter, delights in sushi dates w/ her girlfriends, and volunteers through her church. Why does she like working at Complete Eye Care of Medina? 'I accepted this part-time optician role, because I admire the strength it takes to start your own business. I also enjoy working with uniquely crafted designer frames & I love that Dr. Wesley stays on top of the latest lens technology to help ensure supreme vision for her patient's.'

  • Sanaa
    Vision Therapist/Technician

    Sanaa is our Vision Therapist/Technician and is fairly new to the Optical Industry, but is highly motivated to excel at this new chapter of her career. She is married and has two beautiful daughters, Aaliyah age ten and Safiya age six. They are her best supporters in life and always encourage her to shoot for the stars. Her educational background is in Fashion so it goes without saying that she loves shopping! Why does she like working at Complete Eye Care of Medina? 'I have always worked with children and I find it a privilege to be part of a child's life in a positive way. The adults we are exposed to during our childhood have a lasting impression on us and it is my goal to be a positive influence.'