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Is Vision Therapy Right For You? You Might Be Missing Out!

Is Vision Therapy Right for You? You Might Be Missing Out!

Are your eyes at their healthiest? If it’s been several years since you’ve seen an eye doctor, you can’t be sure. After you schedule and attend an eye exam, your optometrist may discuss the benefits of enhanced visual skills exams and how vision therapy can address deficits if discovered.

This may sound like a complicated treatment, but it’s not. Everyone from children to adults can benefit from vision therapy. Here’s everything you need to know about this area of optometry.  vision therapy from your optometrist in medina

What Is Vision Therapy?

This therapy focuses on improving certain skills associated with good vision, such as lack of focus or improper eye coordination.

You most often hear of children needing vision therapy. This is because as children grow, a lack of vision skills makes itself apparent early on, such as in reading, learning and in school. That doesn’t mean that adults can’t undergo this therapy, too, though.

The optometrist will aid the therapy sessions with specialized tools, balance boards, timed electronic targets, patches, occluders, filters, prisms, and therapeutic lenses. Patients generally see the eye doctor for a half hour every week with accompanying at-home therapy.

During each appointment, the optometrist or visual therapist will guide you through various exercises that make use of these tools and then guide you in activities that will continue to strengthen your visual skills

What Are The Benefits of Vision Therapy?

There are many benefits for children and adults who undergo vision therapy. These include:

  • Better visual information interpretation over time
  • Stronger visual skills, such as tracking
  • Improved object focus
  • Better eye coordination
  • Easier to read complex texts

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