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Nighttime Driving: Are you not seeing the road as well as you should?

Nighttime Driving: Are You Not Seeing the Road as Well as You Should?

Are you finding that it is a little more difficult to drive at night than in years past? Whether you are in your driving prime, or you’re approaching the big 4-0 (or beyond), you may have noticed that you are not seeing the road as well as you once did once the sun goes down. There are many common night vision problems that could be having an adverse effect on your ability to drive safely.

nighttime driving tips from our medina optometrist

Common Conditions that Affect Night Vision

Nighttime vision issues are not something that typically happens in a vacuum. For some people, the eyes simply do not adjust to darkness as well or as quickly as they were once able to. This leads to a diminished capacity to see when there is poor lighting. If you suspect you have one of the conditions below, it is always wise to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to confirm the diagnosis and seek treatment.


This is a condition that happens gradually over an extended number of years. If you have cataracts, the lenses in your eyes have become cloudy leading to blurred or hazy vision. You may also experience some sensitivity to light (particularly difficult when driving against oncoming traffic at night), seeing double, and needing more light to see well in the dark. Fortunately, this condition is treatable with surgery.

Diabetic Retinopathy

High blood sugar over a prolonged period of time can damage the blood vessels and nerves in your eyes causing retinopathy. Unfortunately, there is no cure once the damage has been done, though laser treatments have been highly effective in helping to control the ocular damage. This is why it is critical for patients with diabetes to visit their optometrists routinely.

Other conditions that can cause night vision problems include things like:

  • Vitamin A Deficiency
  • Nearsightedness
  • Zinc Deficiency
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • Usher Syndrome
  • Sunlight Exposure
  • LASIK Complications
  • Fuchs’ Dystrophy
  • Nystagmus

Working closely with your eye doctor can rule out or isolate these problems so that treatment can begin.

Addressing Your Night Vision Concerns with our Medina Optometrist

Are you experiencing any of these common night vision problems? If so, call Complete Eye Care of Medina at 763-478-3505 today to discuss your vision concerns with Medina Optometrist, Dr. Gina Wesley. Dr. Wesley is an eye doctor who serves the Medina, Plymouth, and Maple Grove communities with a wide range of eye care needs. Please, comment below with your questions and concerns, we’re always happy to hear from you.


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