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  • At Home Eye Care Tips for Contact Lens Users
    Your Medina Eye Doctor Offers Tips for Contact Lens Care Taking proper care of your contact lenses is essential for maintaining good eye health and vision clarity. Infection is the primary Read more
  • Nighttime Driving: Are you not seeing the road as well as you should?
    Nighttime Driving: Are You Not Seeing the Road as Well as You Should?Are you finding that it is a little more difficult to drive at night than in years past? Read more
  • Do You have a Pair of Backup Glasses?
    Do You Have a Pair of Backup Glasses That Are the Right Prescription? Come in Today!When you last had an appointment with your eye doctor, they likely gave you the Read more
  • Blurry Vision? Why You Should Get Your Eyes Checked!
    Blurry Vision? Why You Should Get Your Eyes Checked!Blurry vision may be a sign that your current eyeglass or contact prescription is no longer up to the task of correcting Read more
  • Get a Pediatric Eye Exam
    Pediatric Eye Exams Help Your Child’s Social and Academic DevelopmentWhen children can’t see clearly, it directly affects their ability to participate in classroom activities, which can hold them back from Read more
  • Ortho K - Enhance Your Vision!
    Enhance Your Vision Without Surgery--Your Maple Grove Area Optometrist Recommends Ortho K TreatmentOrthokeratology (Ortho K), often referred to as “Corneal Reshaping Therapy” (CRT),  is a nonsurgical, fitted lens-based procedure that Read more
  • Is Vision Therapy Right For You? You Might Be Missing Out!
    Is Vision Therapy Right for You? You Might Be Missing Out!Are your eyes at their healthiest? If it’s been several years since you’ve seen an eye doctor, you can’t be Read more
  • What is Ortho-K?
    Understanding Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) Contact LensesMaybe you've heard that ortho-k contacts can let you shed your daytime lenses. This might seem surprising and make you wonder if it is possible. Your Read more
  • Dry Eye
    Connect with an Optometrist In Medina for Relief from Your Dry EyesImagine dealing with itchy, red, dry eyes on a daily basis. This may cause you to struggle with fluctuating vision problems, painful Read more
  • LipiFlow
    Dry Eye Syndrome Is A Common Problem in MedinaDry eyes have become one of the most common eye problems in the United States. It occurs when the eyes do not Read more
  • Should My Child Wear Contacts?
    Should My Child Wear Contacts?Providing the right eye care for your children seems complex. When your children need corrective lenses, they may ask about contact lenses and their desire to Read more
  • How Do You Know If You Need Vision Therapy?
    How Do You Know If You Need Vision Therapy in Maple Grove?Keeping your eyes healthy in the Maple Grove area requires the right treatment strategy. In some situations, you may Read more
  • Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Retinal Diseases
    Our Medina Optometrist Offers Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Retinal DiseasesOne of the most effective ways to maintain healthy vision is through prevention and early detection of diseases, so Read more
  • Why Should You be Interested in Myopia Control?
    Why Should You be Interested in Myopia Control?If you or someone you love is nearsighted (myopic), it is unwise to ignore the problem and you may even make it worse. Read more
  • Remember to Use Your Flex Spend Dollars This Month!
    Remember to Use Your Flex Spend Dollars This Month! Tips From Our Medina OptometristNow is the time to use any remaining FSA dollars in your account on eye care at our Read more
  • Know the Signs of Age Related Macular Degeneration
    Know the Signs of Age Related Macular Degeneration From Your Medina OptometristMillions of people in the US have macular degeneration, but many are unaware of this potentially debilitating eye disease. Read more

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